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Photograph of the year 1943 of one of the manufactured models.
Photograph of the year 1943 of one of the manufactured models.
It corresponds to
"The First Argentinian Carrousel"

National Congress

The Argentinean Barrel Organ Museum (Museo del Organito Argentino), and your activities, have been declared of Cultural and Tourist Interest by the Honorable Camera of Deputies of the Argentina Nation.

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What is an "organito" (Barrel Organ)?

It is the common denomination for hand-turned barrel organs and street organs used in "Río de la Plata" (River Plate, territory embracing Argentina and Uruguay). It's also, a very important chapter of the MECHANICAL MUSIC.

They are known as "Drehorgel" in Germany, "Organetto di Barberia" in Italy, "Orgue de Barbarie" in France, "Draaiorgel", "Pierement" or "Straatorgel" in Netherlands, "Lirekasse" in Denmark, "Positiv" in Sweden, "Realejo" in Brazil and Portugal, and "Organillo" in Spain.

Meanwhile, denominations such as "Barrel Organ", "Street Organ", "Fair Organ" , "Mechanical Street Organ" and "Band Organ" are used in USA and the United Kingdom depending on the sizes, features and use.


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